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Champion Trap Accessories


Oscillating Base                                                 Price: $319

Champion Oscillating Base


For use on EasyBird Auto-Feed, 6-Packer and Doubles traps.

Can also be mounted to a Bowman Supermatch One.

Features & Benefits

40913 Easybird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base

Wobble Base                                                                                           Price: $319

Champion Wobble Base

Champion's EasyBird® trap throwers increase the challenge to the everyday trap enthusiast. Ideal for back-forty shooting and lengthy practice sessions with friends, the EasyBirds handle high-volume throwing with ease. The new Easybird Wobbler vertically oscillates for a variety of flight paths and its flawless operation continues its reign as "King of the Air."

Features & Benefits

45324 Easybird Wobbler

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base (40924)         Price - $325

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base (40924)

Compatible with Champion Wheelybird (40909),  Wheelybird 2.0 (40925) and Workhorse (40916)

Automatically Moves Trap Up/Down and Left/Right

Trap Taxi                                                        Price: No Stock

Champion Trap Taxi                                        

Need to move your trap around? No problem, Champion has you covered with the Trap Taxi - a specially designed pull trailer that holds a variety of traps including the SST, 180-sporter and EasyBird Auto-Feed traps. Hook it up to your ATV, small tractor, or pull it yourself to make your trap even more portable.


Features & Benefits

40261 Trap Taxi

Workhorse Trap Taxi                                       Price: $64.95

Champion Workhorse Taxi

Take the WORKHORSE® Trap virtually anywhere with the WORKHORSE® Trap Taxi. The adjustable launch angle moves anywhere from 0° - 30° for a customizable shooting experience.

Features & Benefits:

40922 Workhorse Taxi

Wireless Remote                                              Price: $86

Champion Wireless Remote


Wireless Remote with delay timer. 

40923 Wireless Remote