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RBT - Rabbit Trap

Atlas Rabbit Trap

Shown on optional cart

Our commercial-grade Rabbit trap is a perfect addition to any sporting clay course, 5-stand or any application where challenging rabbit presentations are desired. Its ability to launch rabbit clays across the ground, at varying speed, make this a course favorite. With a tilting base all target presentations can be thrown as curling targets, making it even more challenging. Targets speed and tilting angle can be changed in less than 1 minute. With its ability to throw different speeds and distances, the Atlas Rabbit trap will allow course designers flexibility when setting a challenging rabbit target.

•Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
•DuraClutchTM (Lifetime Warranty)
•Direct Drive (No Chain or Sprockets)
•Aluminum Throwing Arm with Polyurethane Throwing Strip
•400 Target Capacity
•Angle Adjustment, Both Axis
•Fully Automatic
•Instant Release
•100' Push Button Release Cord
•On/Off Toggle Switch
•Firing Button on Trap
•5 Year Limited Warranty
•Powered by 12-Volt Battery
•Weight: 130 lbs
•Dimensions: 37" l x 32" w x 30" h
•Cycle Time: 1.4 seconds